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Social responsibility

Social responsibility is another important aspect of the philosophy of the ZAMMLER group of companies. We believe that business is not only finance, but also such qualities as: respect, responsibility, support, development.

We know that our team, colleagues, customers and partners are developing people and companies that are constantly changing for the better, changing the world around them and striving for more.

ZAMMLER GROUP is about business processes, common ideals and values, responsibility to employees, customers and partners, society, and the environment.

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The people who work for the company are one of the building blocks of the company. And respect is one of the principles of the ZAMMLER GROUP.

We comply with European labor standards and confirm this with relevant international certificates.

Our team is a potential, not a resource. Therefore, we invest part of our income in employees, which contributes to the development and stability of the company. Safety, a comfortable working environment and a positive atmosphere are what we are constantly working on.

– salaries are reviewed every year and financial bonuses are given for success;
– trainings, seminars, educational courses are provided to our employees free of charge;
– corporate events and team buildings;
– nice bonuses;
– day off birthday;
– day off on the child’s birthday.

Occupational safety received increased attention during COVID-19:
– most of the company’s employees were transferred to a remote mode of work.
– provided clear instructions on how to behave during a pandemic and what to do if you feel unwell.

PCR tests are performed if necessary. In addition, all workers undergo temperature screening and are provided with protective equipment. If the work of public transport is limited, a transfer from / to the place of work is organized.

Responsibility for the employees

Our cooperation with clients and partners is based on mutual respect, in particular, transparency, which is based on compliance with the law and the code of business ethics.

We provide quality services that meet international standards ISO 45001: 2018, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, TAPA TSR and we can confirm this with appropriate certificates.

In this difficult, for many companies, period of the COVID-19 pandemic and an unstable economy, we understand that support is more important than ever. Speaking for social responsibility, we started a project – a logistics audit. Its goal is to help businesses optimize their logistics processes.

Our specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of your supply chain and make recommendations for its further improvement.

For the period of pandemic and quarantine, this service is free. To use it, your business must be registered in Ukraine and carry out export and import activities for several years.

Responsibility for clients and partners

ZAMMLER GROUP is a company that aims at systemic changes in our environment. We believe they can be achieved through regular, targeted actions, rather than one-off.

On a long-term basis, we cooperate with charitable foundations and specialists. Much attention is paid to helping families and children in crisis situations.

We also provide support in the following areas:

– providing hospitals with the necessary equipment;
– assistance in the treatment of seriously ill children;
– support for the military in the zone of hot spots in Ukraine.

In addition, we cooperate with higher education institutions. Our goal is to help there be many more professional logisticians.
Every year, the company has internships for students of specialties in logistics, management, marketing, etc. The most successful of them get the opportunity to get an internship and get a job.

Specialists of our company participate in many educational events for future logicians: trainings, courses, master classes, lectures, etc. They also conduct excursions in ZAMMLER offices and warehouse complexes.

Responsibility for society

ZAMMLER GROUP cares about the environment.

The company’s environmental management system is certified and meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001: 2015.

Work processes are organized in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment:
– saving resources (electricity, raw materials, etc.) makes it possible to reduce production costs;
– electronic document management is integrated into the work of the company;
– the vehicle fleet is replenished with trucks of the high ecological class EURO-6.

In their daily work, our employees:
– give preference to electronic media (including electronic business cards;
– use two-sided printing.

In addition, waste paper is collected and electricity is saved with the help of motion sensors, correct disposal of power elements.

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Responsibility for the environment
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